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About Us

Our Founder

Ricki Li is the president and founder of YD Fortune, Ramblei, YD Real Estate Development LLC, YD Hardwood Floors USA INC, YD Builders and Developers LLC, and Snow Mountain Development LLC. 


Who We Are

YD Fortune, LLC., founded by Ricki Li on July 2018, is an entity that provides real estate investor services including property management and development for large-scale real estate projects. To set itself apart in the real estate industry, YD Fortune, LLC established an operation model that optimizes efficiency for development and management cycles.

This improves the overall return rate and shortens return periods. Furthermore, Ramblei, a platform YD Fortune recently launched, which serves the purpose of increasing profitability for real estate investors while marketing real estate investment projects. YD Fortune is a team built on strong beliefs in quality, functionality, and innovation. This is a team of experts who provide comprehensive solutions to any dilemma in real estate while creating economic

and social values through investment and development to ultimately realize our clients’ dreams.

Our History

In 2006, Ricki Li started YD Hardwood Floors USA Inc., a business focused solely on hardwood floor retail. After years of operation, YD Hardwood Floors USA Inc. has increased its product lines exponentially. In 2018, YD Hardwood Floors USA Inc. transformed their business offerings to include all interior finish materials and renamed itself YD Home.


In 2013, Li founded YD Real Estate Development which has acquired more than forty different properties in the City of Philadelphia and has renovated these properties into upscale residences and merchandisers with high-quality finishes. Through years of “flipping” undervalued properties, Li gained abundant experiences in property acquisition and management.


Equipped with accumulated resources and experiences in both of the real estate industry and construction material retail business, Li established YD Builders & Developers, LLC which specializes in construction services on large-scale real estate projects.


Today, Li’s vision is to integrate all the resources from all YD affiliates including YD Home, YD Real Estate Development, and YD Builders & Developers, LLC, and YD Fortune, LLC into one combined business network.



1900 Washington Ave Suite E Philadelphia, PA 19146

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