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Our Story

YD Fortune, LLC was founded by Ricki Li in July 2018 as a company dedicated to providing comprehensive real estate investor services, including property management and development for large-scale real estate projects. Striving to set itself apart in the real estate industry, YD Fortune established an operation model that optimizes efficiency for development and management cycles, improving the overall return rate and shortening return periods.

YD Fortune later launched Ramblei, a platform aimed at increasing profitability for real estate investors while marketing real estate investment projects. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when many businesses struggled, YD Fortune capitalized on the instability in the real estate industry, particularly in the rental market, and adapted to the challenges.

Recognizing the emerging trend in short-term rentals, YD Fortune expanded its short-term rental division in early 2019, renting and managing several properties in prime locations. The company renovated these properties and listed them on various short-term rental platforms. This strategic move proved successful during the pandemic, as people studying and working in the Greater Philadelphia area were uncertain about long-term rentals due to changing school and company social distancing policies.

YD Fortune's success during the pandemic solidified the short-term rental business model as a long-term growth strategy, with plans for large-scale expansion in the future.

Our Vision

To be a leading real estate company, offering innovative solutions and creating social and economic value for our clients, investors, and communities. We aspire to build a full-service sustainable business ecosystem that integrates investment, development, and management, fostering long-term growth and positive impacts on the communities we serve. Through this comprehensive approach, we aim to revolutionize the real estate industry by delivering exceptional experiences and fostering environmentally responsible practices.

Our Values

Quality - 

We believe in delivering outstanding services and maintaining the highest standards in everything we do.

Functionality - 

We prioritize efficiency and effectiveness in our processes, ensuring optimal outcomes for our clients and investors.

Innovation - 

We continually adapt and evolve to stay ahead of the curve, leveraging new technologies and opportunities to drive growth and success.

Teamwork - 

We are a team of experts who work collaboratively to tackle the challenges of the real estate industry and deliver outstanding results for our clients and partners.

Fournder's Profile


Ricki Li's entrepreneurial journey began in 2006 when he founded YD Hardwood Floors USA Inc., a business specializing in hardwood floor retail. Over the years, the company expanded its product lines and evolved its business offerings to include all interior finish materials. In 2018, YD Hardwood Floors USA Inc. was rebranded as YD Home.

In 2013, Ricki Li founded YD Real Estate Development, acquiring more than forty properties in the City of Philadelphia and transforming them into upscale residences and commercial spaces with high-quality finishes. Through years of "flipping" undervalued properties, Li gained valuable experience in property acquisition and management.

Building on her experiences in both the real estate and construction material retail industries, Li established YD Builders & Developers, LLC, which specializes in construction services for large-scale real estate projects.

Today, Ricki Li's vision is to integrate all resources from YD Home, YD Real Estate Development, YD Builders & Developers, LLC, and YD Fortune, LLC into a combined business network. This holistic approach leverages synergies across all YD affiliates to create a comprehensive, full-service sustainable business ecosystem that offers seamless investment, development, and management solutions for clients and partners in the real estate industry.

To get connected with Ricki, visit LinkedIn.



1900 Washington Ave Suite E Philadelphia, PA 19146

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