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  • Qi Li

Chinatown Nightmarket

After attending the Chinatown Nightmarket, our impression of the beast known as Yeshi definitely changed. This is our story from the Yeshi Nightmarket.

The smell of freshly grilled barbeque and corn filled the breezy evening air. This was our first time attending the Chinatown Nightmarket Yeshi and it was an experience that we will never forget. Despite the fact that this was our first time attending this event, we were ready to be overwhelmed, but not to the extent of barely being able to catch a breath. There was very little chance for us to catch a breather or even grab some food, but it was worth introducing our products to new customers.

The streets were crowded with happy faces, mouths stuffed with food and music coming from all directions of Chinatown. Right next to all of this action, excited faces continuously approached our booth, asking for more details about our company and curious about all of our giveaways. When speaking to us about our Ramblei membership discount, they were overjoyed with all of the perks of being a member. Over 130 people applied for our Ramblei membership card and over 120 people joined our wechat group.

In retrospect, the only thing we wished was a bit different was being able to get a chance to taste all of the different foods that were available that night. Regardless of not being able to eat all of the food, we had a great time at the Chinatown Nightmarket and meeting everyone who came to our booth.

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