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  • Qi Li

Mural by Vine Street

A few feet away, there are cars speeding down both sides of the Vine Street Plaza at over 50 miles per hour. Yes, it might send chills and goosebumps on even the toughest of people. Walking across Vine street on 10th street is quite scary and even dangerous sometimes, but an artist from China wants to make the journey across the Vine Street Expressway less daunting.

Chenlin Cai, 35, who graduated from China’s Elite University, Tsinghua University, wants to achieve his dream to paint murals and leave a legacy in America. Cai has already painted murals inside both Japanese and Chinese restaurants already, but the Koi fish mural in Chinatown will be his biggest project yet. With hopes that one day children will play on the lily pads and koi fish that he has painted, Cai is optimistic that his painting will be a hit. Nearing completion of his project and lacking man-power, Cai reached out to Ramblei to help find some volunteers to help.

On November 11th, Ramblei posted an article on their social media platform seeking volunteers to help Cai on the big project. Ramblei was able to successfully gather a few volunteers who were excellent helpers. With the mural nearing completion, the article posted by Ramblei made it much easier for Cai to manage such a huge task, giving him time to work on other priorities first.

Reflecting back on the event hosted by Ramblei, the volunteers that were able to attend were extremely grateful for the opportunity to participate in the volunteer work. The volunteers said they were happy to participate in such a monumental moment in the art world, leaving an impact on Philadelphia’s Chinatown art culture forever. Although this event was relatively small, Ramblei is hopeful of hosting similar events like this in the near future. If this is something that you are interested in, please follow our Wechat platform or our Instagram platform (@officialramblei).

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