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YD Fortune closed the deal for 21 Unit Property for $3.875m

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

YD Fortune is happy to close the deal with RRA realtors for a four-property portfolio sold at the beginning of December. The deal was at $3,875,000 for four properties in the Graduate Hospital Area with locations on 2129 Pine Street, 2402 Spruce Street, 1725 Bainbridge Street, and 621 South 18th street. The deal took about half a year to finalize from the initial interest til the final signatures on the paperwork.

After purchasing this property, YD Fortune’s plan is to renovate the interiors, by making the properties more upscale. In return, the company will increase the rent of the properties which will result in an increase in the internal rate of return. The purchasing of the $3.87m portfolio was a big move for YD Fortune, but it was a justified risk for the company to make.

In the future, YD Fortune would like to immerse themselves in other similar potential investment ventures such as the most recent purchase of the recent 21 unit property.

Rittenhouse realty advisor blog:

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