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Private party with all the Templemade Chinese entrepreneurs

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

On the evening of September 4th, Ricky Li, CEO of YD Fortune held an event at her private residence with invitations to a select few Chinese entrepreneurs, businessmen and powerful executives.

This event included JD’s Vice president, CEO of Chinese software companies, executive director of Blacksea and Temple University’s Vice President of the school of Science & technology and the director of international programs. The event had individuals from all facets of walk and gave a chance for everyone to talk about business opportunities as well as an evening of networking. At the event there was delicious foods served from Szechuan and the air was filled with laughter and talks of potential collaboration.

Ricky Li invited some individuals from her broad network to allow for herself as well as many of her network to build stronger relationships. The people attending this event included individuals such as the executive director of Blacksea, YingChang Zhong. Blacksea is a major loan company in China which lends to some of china’s largest businesses. The ex-Vice president of Jing Dong, now CEO of a software company also attended the event. Jing Dong is the second largest e-commerce platform in China and the only competitor to the number one largest e-commerce company, commonly known as Alibaba. The ex-VP is now serving as the CEO of one of the most up and coming software companies. The software company hopes to integrate an all-in-one service into their platform helping companies achieve an extreme level of efficiency, while keeping cost stable. Additionally, there were some influential individuals from Temple University which attended. The people attending from Temple University included Jason Jiang and Dr. Hai-Lung Dai. Dr. Hai-Lung Dai is the Vice President from the College of Science and Technology in the department of chemistry. Another individual attending from Temple University was Jason Jiang. Jason Jiang is the director of the China International program which oversees the international students entering into America for the first time as foreigners.

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